Want to work with me?

Writing, editing and proofreading. I’m pretty good at them.

I’ve got over two years’ experience helping world-leading companies produce engaging and accurate copy for landing pages, product descriptions, sales emails, brochures, and a lot more. Mastercard, BT, Hyundai, Samsung… the list goes on.

(No one’s asked me to do a video yet, because they’re intimidated by my skill. Probably.)

I could be yours for the right price!

Not like that. If you need a hand with content, creating or editing, get in touch via my contact form. I’ve got some prices and details below for standard services.

Sometimes, the right price might be zilch if your project is close to my heart. Pop me a message if you think I’d be interested – worst case, I say no.



Stop typos and bad grammar yanking your readers out of the flow. I can do up to 1,200 words per hour, dependent on how clean the copy is.



Sometimes you want more than a spell-check. You want to break the copy apart and put it back in a better order. I’m experienced in Frankensteining together effective writing from existing content.



Quality sells. And, while anyone can write, not everyone can write well (or has the time). If you want solid, well-researched and effective copy, I can give you about 600 words in four hours (though this is massively variable depending on the topic – get in touch with any queries).

Anything else?

Got something else in mind? Let me know.